We believe that reaching optimal nutrient intake is essential to support functional health and wellness - this includes absence from illness and disease, a healthy lifespan and improved physical and mental performance.

Without the correct levels of nutrients, the human body may not function optimally.

Each person’s nutritional needs are just as unique as his/her appearance. We are all biologically unique and we all have different nutrient requirements based upon our age, biochemical individuality, genetics, health status, medications, poor dietary selections (including processed and low nutrient-dense foods), lifestyle choices, and toxic exposure. This is why current recommended daily allowance (RDA) recommendations may not be sufficient for a large percent of our population.

Studies sponsored by the U.S. Government have identified that 80 percent of the American public may not be getting the required daily amount of certain nutrients due to poor food choices. Nutrient deficiencies may contribute to preventable conditions, symptoms, illness, and disease.

Our Nutrient Deficiency Self Evaluation will help you identify the nutrients you are not currently taking and that may improve your nutrient status and contribute to good health. Practitioner Select has researched the suggested daily amount of nutrients, and based on that research, has developed a list of the Top 10 nutrient rich foods, as well as high quality nutritional supplements that may help support your nutrient requirements.

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